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The Box is the High Performance Golf Lab of the Barcelona Golf Academy. Located in the driving range is the main training center, where advanced technologies are concentrated for our students:

The box at the Barcelona Golf Academy refers to a covered practice area, often equipped with advanced technology and specialized tools to enhance students golf game. Here’s an overview of what you might find in the box at the Barcelona Golf Academy:

  • Personalized Swing Analysis: The box is equipped with high-speed cameras and swing analyzers that record and analyze a golfer’s movement during their swing. This provides precise data on aspects such as club speed, club face angle, and ball trajectory.
  • Professional Instructors: Professional golf instructors use this technology to provide detailed and personalized feedback to students. They can pinpoint specific areas for improvement and assist golfers in correcting technical issues.
  • Focus on Technical Details: The box is ideal for refining technical aspects of the swing. Golfers can concentrate on specific elements of their technique without the distractions of an outdoor golf course.
  • Continuous Improvement: Swing analysis and feedback provided in the box contribute to ongoing improvement in students’ games. They can set specific goals and track their progress over time.
  • Educational Experience: The box is an essential component of the educational experience at the Barcelona Golf Academy, offering high-quality instruction and effective technical improvement that is unique to few other academies.

Golf Biodynamics 3D

We have the Golf BioDynamics 3D certification for golf coaching exclusively in Spain, an expert system in the biomechanics of the golf swing that recommends the most appropriate training programs at all times.


We have the advanced Trackman 4 and FlightScope launch radars to collect the impact and flight parameters of the ball, which we use to check the evolution and progress of the students.

Aimpoint Certified

We are an AimPoint Certified center, an expert system in reading greens, and with AimPoint Express we learn that putting is predictable, as it offers effective and reliable ways
to determine the direction and drop of the putt.


Power, swing mechanics, short game, putting, maneuverability
of the blow, etc. There are many factors that we work with with the Bodi Track mat, which
It analyzes the pressure of the feet in contact with the ground throughout the entire swing.

Game Force

Record and share your golf scores and statistics with GameForge. Complete drills, save statistics from your practice or competition rounds, and enter your scores with additional statistics for each hole.

TPI Certified

With the Titleist Performance Institute programs (TPI at all levels, Junior 2 and 3, and Golf Coach 2), we combine the latest in technology, technique, instruction and physical preparation, in order to achieve maximum physical performance in golf.

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